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After war 2 Salman ,Shahrukh and Hrithik will be seen on screen together

Last few days talks about movie jasoosi of Shahrukh and  pathan of Salman  will be  Seen in the role of tiger where hritik Roshan have been main character of Kabir in war all these three films been made on Spy thriller.

Now, Aditya Chopra want to make a big spy with the big celebrities on big screen where it is been rumoured that Hrithik Roshan is not interested in being the part of this is spy and will work only on the franchise of his film War. Resources have revealed that maybe it will be seen in the Pathan movie but but not be seen being a part in the spy universe. Sources also says that Pathan and tiger 3 have been made with such concept where the Hrithik will not be fit in that. Well Aditya Chopra had said this earlier that ,"after war 2 these three superstar will be on screen together we want to introduce these three superstars in such an iconic way on the screen which will be special for fans any also wants that audience may get ready for this".

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