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After watching Pushpa Anupam Kher express his desire to collab with Allu Arjun

Super star Allu Arjun has been the prominent face in Indian cinema after a big highest grossing film of all over time movie "Pushpa" his acting was praiseworthy too. The veteran actor Anupam Kher after watching Pushpa has shown above expresses his desire to work with actor Allu Arjun any also tweeted in his compliment this is the real blockbuster film of this year. After watching the movie Anupam Kher twitted," Allu Arjun you are really Rockstar your every detailing and your attitude towards your field is marvelous and I wish I collab with you soon everyone to your team deserves and big congratulation Jai Ho"

After this Allu Arjun replied to him "Anupam ji heart touching compliment was a blessing for me whatever you have felt about my movie and about everything was heart melting I also wish to work with you very soon and for this much love thank you so much sir"

If we say Pushpa has been nationally  super hit film will not be wrong to say, and that is why the second part of the movie will come with various languages.

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