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Akiriti kakar's live gig cancelled

The single Akriti Kakkar live got cancelled and she just recently said that because the age of covid-19 it has been impacted a lot on our live music concerts where we are facing a lot of financial problems and if i say, I am quite in favour of that it is good because health comes first but we are also facing a lot of financially unstablishment and i m actively working on maintaining emotional well -being during this time . She can't help pointing out the toll the health crisis is taking on the life music industry. It is surely a matter of concern but until the the season comes unfortunately after decission by goverment  for opening all the concerts and everything but the other side is that it is very confusing that because every States have different rules.

Worried that this urge will impact on our financial woes like how the first wave of covid-19 was impacted, the sudden pause threw off  financially . I too have EMI and other expenses which cannot be dodged concerts were such in a bloom yet again virus is struck .

She adds that if the situation will persist the livelihood of musicians dependant only on live gigs will severally impacted.

The Saturday Saturday (Humpty Sharma ki dulhania) in 2007 singer believes that it has impacted a lot since two years the covid and we are also facing a lot of financial losses and she is doubtful about recovery of all the losses.

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