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Anurag kashyap has issued an warning against scam ester who is telling "sacred games 3 casting is fake"

On a post by Anurag Kashyap in which he is doing some work, doing his scripting in his laptop.  There has been a comment from someone that he is making the casting of Sacred Games 3 false and fake, in which Anurag Kashyap says that I have not done this at all and whatever news is fake, it is a fake fraudster who is  Lies are spreading lies and if I may tell, there is no plan for Sacred Games 3.  

Right now I am working in some other project in which I will cast Nikhil and kriti in my film and I am working on that and it will report against all the fake and all the fake rumours that are spreading and  Where I guess.  There is someone who has spread this rumor by rajbeer casting and will soon FIR against me.  I am going to report  This is all a fake and false rumor, by spreading it, whoever wants to spoil me and I will file an FIR against it soon.

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