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Covid Helpline and Free Online Consultation with Doctors

New Delhi: A group of Intellectuals founded Today’s Kalam Foundation in 2016. Today’s Kalam Foundation’s primary agenda is to provide basic academics and soft skills viable to every child. Towards this, we have been focusing on conducting various educational and health programs among the slum areas to empower children with knowledge and skills for their future career.  So far, they have worked closely with over a thousand children. As of now 15 Kalam Centers (Slum tuition centers) have been set up for benefitting 450 children on daily basis.

During Covid 2nd wave We have started a helpline number and in a spam of 4 months we received 5000+ calls and supported people in identifying hospital beds,blood,oxygen and medicines.Beyond that we have supported Ration kits to 1000 needy people and served 12000+ meals in government hospitals.


Again as the Covid cases are increasing we have restarted a helpline number and this time as per the request we have started free Online Consultation to MBBS Doctors with Covid Symptoms so that there will be no need for public to panic.

We request the public to utilize our services of Covid Helpline number and Free Online Consultation with Doctors.

We have been partnering with “Kalam Hospital “ which was supported “ Sewa International”.

Our helpline number is 9492920018

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