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Evelyn Sharma on sharing Breastfeeding photo: Why be Shy about it ?

Recently, Evelyn Sharma shared an image on Social Media of her with his New Born Baby of Breastfeeding "I want share my new Journer as new mother with fans and friends. It's important for me to just keep social media personal not just for work profile" She wrote in her Postdown.Talking about the kind of trolling happens with the picture of breast feeding their children on this "Ye Jawani Hai Deewani"(2013) and "Saho"(2019) actress says "This is beautiful thing i found on social media is that breastfeeding shows vulnerability and strengths to mothers and this is  beautiful. This is the best natural happen thing in the world."  

Sharma hopes that this image will give strength and courage to mothers to nudge thier parents to be more supportive. "Breastfeeding is much tougher than it actually people think. For New Mum it is ofter mentally and physically exhausting i posted to show them that they are not alone in this." Quiz her about new role of a mum and sharma shares"Ther's a statue in mumbai that says,"A child gives birth to a mother". I've passed by it almost daily and left me confused every time. Now i understand what it means. Motherhood has changed my life forever. "

-Adarsh Tiwari (Aady)

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