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Getting into politics is not bad so never say never Ravina Tandon


New Delhi: Actor Raveena Tandon remain cool as cucumber as she juggles it all being a wife ,mother, daughter off course a well-known actor?

She is build the secrets and more when she got to taking Sonal Kalra managing editor entertainment and lifestyle Hindustan Times at Tension  Not Twitter spaces session.

The actor said it is her family and friends who keep her tension free in India we fall back on our families and friends and sometimes if we are not that close to family we reach out to the friends and it is important to have a stable and steady atmosphere in your home or your friend for you to reach out to someone to bring you out of your stress, she confessed.

And when it all gets too much Tandon takes off to some Jungle that's mine zen zone "agar mujhe Mumbai mein ghutan Hoti hai to main kisi jungle mein bhag jaati hun" and come back completely refreshed and recharge and ready to kick butt again the", actor laughed.

@ARanganathan72: Why haven't you thought about entering politics ?

Raveena: Never say Never. There what's the point I was seriously contemplating I have been offered seats and India West Bengal, Punjab Mumbai port on what I had to say no at that time because to a certain extent I was not ready and I have not really been impressed by any political party to such an extent that they have an ideology and I can blindly follow I disagree with so many things sometimes I am afraid because of these disagreements I might not be able to toe the line and if I don't know the line I would probably be silenced and not in a Sinister way but if I feel I am ready to be the brunt of it all and go out there to really make a difference I might say yes I don't want to say no and eat my words later.

-Adarsh Tiwari 

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