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Grammy awards going to be held for the first time in Las Vegas 2022 to 3rd April

The 64th annual Grammy awards featuring nominate including Justin Bieber, Billie Ellish and Olivia Rodrigo was supposed to take place in los Angeles on 31st January . Now it's going to held first time in a Las Vegas which is very exciting because of search of omicron and covid-19 cases across United States. And it's been very exciting to do award ceremony in Las Vegas  is so exciting  it's going to be the first time which is world class show recording academy CEO Harvey  Mason jr said in a statement.

The organizers have previously said that helding in a los Angeles which simply contains too risk. The Grammy is the one of the several entertainment industry which has been postponed just because of sky-high covid highopes caseloads will drop in coming months.

Film and television events, critics choice award , producer guild award is also had been postponed and while week's Sundance  film festival will held online. The Oscar is currently is still on 27 March. John batiste the Jazz and R&B artists Bandleader garnered most nominations for this year Grammys with 11.

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