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Hard work always pays for you is recently proved by an actress Monica Chaudhari

After her debut with the film anarkali of aarah actor Monika Chawdhari believe she was born to act and has worked hard despite odds to set her foot in the entertainment industry. When I started my career with an acting I never thought of becoming and such a famous actress I will not say that I am so much much but if u see i have today I got a lot of work and I am working since many years in industry and I started doing auditions in Delhi but after  time I got to know that I need to work on my craft then I join the theatre and after three years of theatre it continued my auditions and and then I got my first break in Doordarshan channel in " jeena isi ka Naam hai "and after that I never turn back and from there I did pretty good works. 

I only wish to take up the relevant stories and the subsequental roles. Monica talks about her initial days at it was a girl like a normal society from a conventional society but my mother was so supportive and my father he was never wholeheartedly supported me after listening my career to go into acting but my mother support give me a lot of strengths to become what today I am. After all these years he understood that my thriving professions have been so motivating for the young girls and he proudly say to the relatives and friends that my daughter is  actress. 

Last seen in the OTT  series Deep in the Woods death warrant :actress says and I am really looking for the good like Iikewise i did in my fresh years and I wanted to be continue with driving with such vulnerable performances in the movies in the series which what I am looking and I will that I will get it soon.

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