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I am not signed any deal with anyone for my biopic PV Sindhu

Breaking a dry spell of wins in Lucknow at the Syed Modi India international 2022 badminton tournament that ended earlier this  Pusarla Sindhu the world number seventh seeded player was in escastic frame of mind. Sindhu Bank the women's single title at the tournament sending out thanks to her fans and supporters on Twitter the Arjuna at Padma Bhushan award road extremely elated for the win And The #sayedmodi 2022 international tournament grateful to receive the love and support of each one of you thank you for all kind wishes. Well I am very happy with my achievements and what all I want all I have achieved there is a lot more to go on and there is a long way to go in my career every match is memorable to me and sometimes you win the match and sometimes you lose however you learnt a lot from the images and definitely you win the achievements a lot and I wish to achieve more and more matches.

Every sports person has to face some situation where the counter pressure and we train your mind to play our best game and give your best presidential same is for me.

"Every sport is a mind game as well as athletes need to take care of their minds there are a lot of sacrifices for me as well as when my parents the day I started my journey I had to give up a lot of things and I had to stop going out with my friends and give time to my practice women are doing well now if we compared them to back then a few years ago and now women are doing well in every sports and I am happy that more women are coming up apart from badminton I just play with my dog and spend some time with my nephew I have not signed any deal with anyone and nothing has been decided yet about my my biopic. When if I say about Lucknow Lucknow is the best for food and this time I am really need to take care about my food it's a nice feeling to play in Lucknow and I think the infrastructure is improving I am really happy because I see a lot of interesting to see the match and I hope we get more that leads from the city in the future",she adds.

-Adarsh Tiwari (Aady)

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