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More women than men on a set is a good progress believes kritika kamra

New Delhi: There's a dearth of shows by women but the situation is getting better now. Actress Kritika Kamra debut in 2007 with the serial yaha ke hum Sikander Feels that the biggest change has undergone in the film industry Over the years in the terms of equal representation of gender.its skewed but it's better i m working since 12,13 years here I have many male director's on set and many male crew but on today's date womens are more than a men on set .

Does she noticed a way of working and understanding on subject to a female filmmakers ?
I don't think so understanding sensibility is based on gender. There is a some stories which can meet world by a through the lense of woman who has lived through their experience that's always a plus,"elaborates kamra, who was recently seen in the web series kaun banegi sikharwati. An 33 year's old adds " auditions are process which is clean and which is good for you to understand what filmmakers are looking for in you. Even if I don't get that part it feels fair to me.

- Adarsh tiwari

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