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No more web series for Nawazuddin Siddiqui: I don't believe in herd mentality

New Delhi: Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui had stated a while ago while week ago that I am not more interested in now web series I am more interested in doing the web films now web series have only the marketing and promoting things they are only promoting today everyone is liking every series that is quite hard now for us to decide which web series is good or which is not so for that I am t not doing the web series now I will do the above shows well web films in which includes heropanti 2,  jogira Sara rara, adbhut , no man's pand and many more films like that. 

He Elaborates in his decission: Today there are many web series being made . Aur harr web series ki tarif ki jaa rhi hai . Which creates a lot more confusions to decide good or bad in that and because of Marketing and public relations machinery that goes into promoting them.A lot of actors have forayed into that space but i m not someone who believe in herd mentality Mera zaweer ye gawra nahi karta.I m doing web films which is global platforms for actors.

This year 47 year old man will bump into varieties of genre films like romantic comedy, thrilled , rom-com and a commercial films. Pointing out sporadic halt of covid-19 pandemic which is impacting the film industry is and filmmakers and filmmaking as well for the actors it's breaking the rhythm of characters and in which there is a great loss for industries and for showbiz."I like doing everytime new genres,keep going on same track makes me bore".

- Adarsh tiwari

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