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Spy thriller dominates OTT platforms

New Delhi: The way The Family Man Show has captivated the Hindi  see him go ahead and want more. The way the planning is going on and the way audience is waiting to come on screen, it definitely tells.  The public doesn't get bored with the content until and unless you bring an interesting twist to my character or the story or anything else in it.  

Interesting twist is the biggest part of a story where your audience sticks with you and can stay there for 2 hours and many more watching your picture.  Without thinking of anything else and that's a great thing and it's believed.  

It is a very tough genre and it needs lot of justice while writing the character and story and plot and many more things and that is why family man is so captivating to the audience because it is where the script always has been intrigued with lot of things and that is the espionage thrilled work. And seem like this many more web series like Lahore confidential special cops has been so captivating to the spectators and that is why the same genre the same content always has been so much loved by the spectators because it is the only general where the things can happen in second in unpredictable way in today's date there is a lot of content where people don't want to series build after 2-3 episodes they want it to be eye catching since the time they have switched on their smartphones or televisions.
On this sunny Hinduja sahred his opinion cast of the family man  and many more others.

- Adarsh Tiwari 

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