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The film world got its light from the writers, poets, lyricists and gurus of the Kathak Gharana.Bollywood decorated with Lucknowi Fanatics

If we talk about Lucknow it's not only about the languages and the rituals and write stories but also for the final text for the brilliant veteran celebrities from the city and I think that is the only reason that Lucknow have their own identity about the movies web series which nowadays mostly you will see in a Bollywood songs. Instruments have been decorated by the phonetics of Lucknow all the famous writers most of the singers and the best Kathak dancer was only from Lucknow .There is no such light for the film world with its art, which not only enhances the brightness of the silver screen, but also strengthens the foundation of Lucknow in Bollywood.

Naushad have lived in Lucknow aminabad Muzaffar Ali's Umrao Jaan Lucknowi culture. ramkishan became the part of film industry only for the makeup is from Lucknow.

With lachhu Maharaj the whole Bollywood came in Lucknow Kathak Gharana. If we talk about the lucknowi culture for Bollywood it have always been impacted on the movies and web series and now what is Lucknow is developing in shootings for the filmmakers now Lucknow always been the choice to shoot locations for their films that is showing the Lucknow love from every culture from every States the Lucknow arts and culture has always been impacted the industry in various ways, wet proof of that is famous prominent, prestigious, the  veteran, artist from Lucknow have made there career in industry in Bollywood industry which have shown everyone what Lucknow is.

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