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We will become a Rotten society: R Madhavan

New Delhi: Few things have changed between the last century and now as much as the nature of law in the 1970 is worth about free love this millennial error is about complicated love and thanks to dating apps we are creating a relationships like we treat our burgers at drive through consuming them impatiently because we know the next meal is only a stop away but in the middle of circle to do so I'll of love is an entire generation of people feeling utterly confused they go by the name of genetics designed to their faith some of them wonder if there is another more exciting life waiting to be lived on the other side of marriage this explains why so many people I know on talking about a new Indian show that deals with the complicated marriage and so I watched the couple are staracle show about an urban marriage that has come undone the couple however continued to live under the same roof for the sake of their child while trying to establish a new rules of engagement between themselves.

The editor of HT Brunch was on call with R Madhavan is "finicky about script".And many things as well "I am king to hear madhavans view on the modern marriages".

What we are trying to say is that it takes effort to be in relationship but in today's world sometimes people

it takes an effort to be in a relationship but in today's world sometimes people centricities are so deeply ingrained that it becomes possible to accommodate another person's eccentricities. I know many couples who are together and yet are not in that marriage you want no longer taking the boxes of for why you married each other and not getting divorce I find that very confusing says Madhavan.

Stills from decoupled where R Madhavan place Arya a political in corrected men who says allowed things most people wouldn't dare to utter.

-Adarsh Tiwari 

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