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Why can't a creative person can question in a democratic country to an institution??

Writer, director Onir talks about his next feature film which he was writing and a script on a gay officer which i talked to an army officers which they denied to go ahead with this script and Onir thinks Indian cinema has failed to envelope when it comes to telling the queer stories. It is such an big disappointment for him as a writer and director and for our country as well because where the queer stories can't envelope openly in the country there how can i question an institution? 

why they don't able to give the answer on it!? I realised a couple of years ago supreme court has descriminalized homosexuality in 2018. Queer officers are still denied to envelope this kind of stories. I told my friend author Devdutt Pattanik told about my script we discussed and I wrote this script "We are" which is a celebration for an SC verdict also it's talk about the the fact that till date we don't treated as an equal citizens. Each of these love stories lesbian, gay, bio sexual characters and transgenders. 

I don't create villians in my story I create a dialogue in my script and the same I did with this script. There was no criticism no offence about the earliest but talks certain situations. It is unfortunate that the last year the government introduced the rule that in the film shows the forces, the script has to be cleared by them first. Otherwise the film won't be certified later on. 

Such a rule creates barriers for the filmmakers and the storytellers. Homosexuality might have been an illegal in the colonial law but 56 countries have moved ahead and recruited queer people in their army. It is the same attitude which kept women away from joining the forces. That is the big problem of patriarchal society and their own insecurities.

 I feel very disheartened as my job is not to be on the court but to be on the sets as a filmmaker for making the film. The four stories of we are connected to each other. So I can't show this field without this segment. The movie is an Indo Canadian project MD per Mehta is one of the executive producer of the film.

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