The new way of handling disasters

New Delhi: On the second day of the Three-Day conference on  disaster management SHRI Haribabu Srivastava , Director General (technology management) DRDO said – Nation’s will is required to avert disasters, Technology is not a block ‘’.


SHRI HARIBABU SRIVASTAVA, Director General (technology management) DRDO.

He started his speech by briefing a bit about what disaster is all about . His main focus was on the pre and post disaster rescue operations and the ways it could be carried out . His focus was on disasters that do not have very immediate consequences but could have devastating effects in the future , which include disasters like soil erosion and water scarcity etc. He laid his emphasis on mathematical modelling which can come into use to predict disasters that can occur in the near future which will in turn  give us enough time to prepare for them and handle them effectively . Through mathematical modelling we got information of the origin of covid 19 .He also focused on the importance of geographical information system and remote sensing in disaster management . His closing lines were “Nations will is required to avert disasters, Technology IS not a block ‘’.

Angeli qwatra, Director , Philantrophe.

She thanked and congratulated ,  sewa for the exemplary service that the organization is providing to the victims.   She stated “ civil society is arena of voluntary collective services”. She emphasized on the importance of community resilience which she stated “ AS THE CAPACITY TO RESPOND TO A DISASTER WITHOUT COPROMISING the prospects of long term development”. Government cannot alone manage communities , so public sector enterprises,  civil socities should collaborate and help accomplish the task . She focused on four points to help build community resilience .i,.e identify leadership, decentralize decision making , establish a dedicated staff of coordinators , and integrate with existing networks .she stated  ‘’learn from the past experiences ‘’ and gave importance to do a detailed  study of disasters occured in the past and find ways on how it could have been prevented . she  also mentioned that we should create opportunities and incentives for the victims .


Mahesh kamle – assistant professor , centre of disasters and development, TISS.

He emphasized on  the post disaster scenario.  He stated that community reliance is very important.  He shared the human perspective on disaster and the means through which humans are affected . he emphasized on the long term impacts of disasters and gave the example of the victims of covid who have not  yet recovered from the socio economic distress that covid brought . he said ‘’ survivors are the first responders and the they are the first people who help the victims to get out of that situation through different helping activities like community kitchen , data collection for government ,community quarantine centres .” People help each other first before the services are informed in the time of disaster and therefore community resilience is very important aspect of disaster management .He appreciated the efforts of local people who voluntarily helped the victims.


Shyam Parande, Secretary of Sewa International, stated that society should be attentive and that, in addition to assisting all individuals, we should continue to work on it in the future so that we do not encounter any disasters. He also stated that Sewa International's mission is to educate people about life and improve their quality of life. We must recognize that nature is one of our most important responsibilities.  He was delighted to see everyone without the mask and wanted to see a corona free country. He was greatly motivated from the ideology of Swami Vivekananda and stated that swamiji was an epitome for all of us who inspired youths to work selflessly . He appreciated NDRF and similar institutes but also regarged the fact that common people should get involved in giving releifs to the victims of epidemics. His closing lines were  wherever there will be a disaster , sewa international will be there to help”.

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