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A glamorous and mesmerizing event National Pride Awards, 2022 Conducted by eminent research in Radisson Blu

New Delhi: An event that prioritizes business personalities and health administration all over the country. Our beloved Indian Bollywood queen Jaya Pradha was present there as an honorable chief guest which enlightens the event.


The event was successful under the administration of Ms. Vidhika worked solemnly for the absolute results. The event was affiliated with the aspiring and spontaneous business production i.e. Most Promising Wellness Clinic in Gujarat - Shivanjali Wellness, the CEO-Ms. Trupti Rana, leading the female power and business mindset all over the country.


For making the event successful and making our Indian innovation feel the pride,  Hundreds of doctors and business dignitaries are present for making the event cheerful and intellectual. A national pride event is an important event that takes place every year prioritizing the subtle leadership all over the country and encouraging the citizens towards the country.

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