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Radio City Freedom Verse Hosted by Priyasy Bokadia

New Delhi: Get ready to be amazed by a charming spoken word poet, who just doesn't narrate her creations, but lives them. Priyasy Bokadia, a spoken word artist and a prominent name in the poetry open mic circuit who dazzles people with her unconventional stories, will be the host for the Radio City Freedom’s Free Verse - Open mic night. Priyasy created waves with her literary work ‘Aadha Ishq’ and now she is back on stage tomorrow to ensure you have nothing but a good time. 

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Jigar Trivedi and Nishant Verma are the featured artists of the evening. The event will take place at Magari, one of Andheri's most beautifully designed and cosy cafes on 25th May, starting at 8 pm. Come and have an experience of a lifetime.

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