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India’s nurses have proved to be the best in world during covid

New Delhi: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital’s CROSS – SUBSIDY model should be replicated by other hospitals too: DR. BHARATI PRAVIN PAWAR, MINISTER OF STATE FOR HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA

The Lamp Lighting Ceremony for the 66th batch of Nursing Students from School of Nursing, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital was held today at the hospital campus. On this occasion Dr. Bharati Pravin Pawar, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India was the Chief Guest. She awarded diplomas and meritorious certificates to the nursing students. 

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Bharati said, “Along with India’s praise on covid handling around the world, India’s Nurses have also proved to be the best during the Covid crisis. They did selfless service and worked round the clock in a stressful atmosphere. Our nurses are in huge demand all over the world due to their humility, passion and giving best care to the patients. They are the backbone of our healthcare industry. We are proud of them. I am very impressed by the Cross-Subsidy model of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where rich patients pay for poor. This should be replicated by other hospitals too. Nursing is the most noblest profession. I know it very closely because I am a doctor myself. Nurses a play a key role between doctors and the patients. I am proud to say 192 crores vaccinations have been provided in India which is being praised globally. We should be connected to villages besides big cities for better delivery of healthcare.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. D.S. Rana, Chairman (Board of Management) and Trustee, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said, “Our School of Nursing was established in 1956 and has produced 1500 students who are working in different hospitals in India and abroad. This year 36 students have graduated and 40 new students have joined. I am proud to say that during stressful stage of covid, our students worked round the clock in non-covid areas to cover up the shortage. They were also instrumental in managing our covid vaccination centre along with other staff.”

The Lamp Lightening ceremony formally recognizes the student’s entry into the nursing profession. It is an important event where the lamp symbolizes the light that a nurse becomes to her patient and a symbol of hope and comfort to those who are suffering. 

During this ceremony student nurses also took the pledge of service.

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