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Struggles make your life extraordinary coz your struggle are rare and unique to you says my mom

New Delhi: Upasana Rawat is from New Delhi and currently a corporate employee, a dance trainer and the RU for Miss Cosmos Queen 2022.

From being the only dusky in a pahadi family to being 5.1. From never being able to fit in the criteria to standing here tall, I have fought my “not up to the mark” struggles alone as my mom said you are beautiful the way you are and you should never forget who you are coz that is the best kind of beautiful you could be and thats exactly what i would want to say out loud coz Moms are never wrong and you are one of a kind that you should be proud of so be the hero of your story coz others have their own stories to tell.

Here i am today after constant efforts and towards my dream of being recognised as a beauty queen with who and how I Am. It took me alsmost 6 years to get here, i have always been waiting for my time to shine and always waited for a change in beauty norms - the criteria somewhere around the world for me to atleast begin but no luck. 

Mom says - Life is Full of surprises only if you are grateful for the surprises you have already got. 

Miss Cosmos Queen came to me as one of those surprises i was waiting since long. I Always beleived that beauty is not just the looks but the internal strength to spread happiness and peace in the world, to help people find the beauty in them and feel beautiful coz we all are beautiful in our own ways, the best ways.

Becoming India’s first beauty pageant winner with 5’1” and representing the Capital City, New Delhi was nothing less than being born again wity a new identity but the same me. I remember wheb too 24 were announced out of 3000 girls, I was on cloud 9 and i already started preparing my winning speech coz there, right there was my first win. Moving on to top 12, i see all these beautiful ladies, beautifully curated and tall, I was the shortest but my dreams had a long way. 

The best realisation during my first and only pageant journey was no matter how eager and badly every girl there wanted to win but the love, the respect, the warmth they had gor each other was nothing that i imagined. I was treated like a cute little princess and not even once was i taunted or looked up on as “not up to the mark” Till now each one of them treats me like a princess and they were so happy to see me win. They cheered and are spreading the word making me a star already. 

I am blessed, thrilled and overwhelmed with the kind of response i have got from people, a lot of them personally texted me Explaining their struggles and God i am not alone, their are thousands who are waiting for that one opportunity to shine and I would do the best of my potential to provide opportunity and recognition to one and all. The world where every woman or man in that case could feel beautiful is the world i desire. The world that is Beautiful beyond Beauty.

Now that it has started lets expand and take it to overseas and celebrate woman, the internal beauty as much as we celebrate the external beauty!!

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