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Sabiya Rahaman of Socialite Ayurveda awarded again & loved by top celebrities


Mrs Sabiya Rahaman honoured with her 6th award on 31st October 2022. This time she won the title of "Best Natural Therapies & Treatments for Beauty/Health Care in India" by National Leadership Awards 2022. 

She is the proprietor of Socialite Ayurveda : Natural Cures which is a luxury beauty clinic located in Kolkata,India which has recently featured in Forbes Magazine in 2021. It is followed by top celebrities & has a niche clientele of mostly well known celebrities, actresses, models, businesswomen, politicians, air hostess & also students, housewives etc.

Socialite Ayurveda’s high quality, premium products are sold globally and have received extensive coverage and recognition in various global and Indian publications and national television like Zee Business, Cosmopolitian magazine, The Telegraph, Femina India, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Asian Age & many more.

She was also titled "Naaz of Calcutta"

They believe in the power of natural treatments to cure all beauty related problems.

All treatments are done only through natural therapies, sujok, herbs. 

Socialite Ayurveda gives drastic results without surgery/exercise/crash diet/injections/chemicals.

They have acquired a huge following globally among beauty conscious looking for safe, gentle and efficient beauty treatments that are based on Ayurveda.

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