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Doctors Enginners cum UPSC Aspirants started a new Band Das Avatar

New Delhi: Das avatar is a unique amalgamation of fine academicians (doctors, engineers and upsc aspirants) who are passionately driven towards creating and performing fine music. The band includes Dr. Sankalp (senior orthopaedist, R.M.L.) -vocalist guitarist; Dr. Suvrankar dutta (Radiologist at AIIMS , delhi) - vocalist; Dr. Priyanshu batra - pianist ; Vedant Raj - vocalist and guitarist; Tej Pratap - vocalist, guitarist and composer; Dr. Dhruv Garg (M.B.B.S , R.M.L.) - violinist and Swarnim Singh - vocalist. Along with Dr. Shubham Anand Jha (President GAIMS); Dr Arun Garg(Neurosurgeon) and Mr. Divyanshu Malhotra (Senior reporter at A.N.I). The flesh and bone with respect to the technicalities and management is provided to the band my well known Mr. Nitin Khanna C.E.O. and founder of Capture a trip having over 1,70,000 followers on instagram. The company has its niche in safe, exciting and enthralling solo travelling experiences! As the band, we are here to create exceptional musical experience and create joy in everyday life of masses. 

We will Rock!

Do join us!

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